A demo with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and Google Cloud Vision API. You take a photo and the mobile application tells you what it is.

Ramboli - a 2D MMO game

Ramboli is a 2D MMO game for browser, iOS and Android. It is currently in active development. I will share some insights about what it takes to build a game like that.

ion-affix : Sticky affix elements for Ionic framework

ion-affix is a lightweight Angular directive for Ionic framework to have sticky affix elements.

Turkish Arabic-script training data

I hand crafted some training data for NLP tasks on Turkish with Arabic-script. There has been almost nothing done in that area until now.

Turkish Natural Language Toolkit

TRNLTK is a natural language processing library for Turkish.

Meeting room kiosk

I created a meeting room kiosk for use in Innflow. Project is hosted on Github.