A demo with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and Google Cloud Vision API. You take a photo and the mobile application tells you what it is.


Here is a short video:

Source code is available on Github : https://github.com/aliok/henryvision

Overall architecture

I implemented this demo to learn more about Red Hat Mobile Application Platform.

This demo is on Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP).

There are 4 components. Architecture can be considered as a microservice architecture. There are not 100s of services though :)

MBaaS services:

These are the microservices. They provide integration with other systems.

  • vision-service: Integrates with Google Cloud Vision. Returns the label suggestions for the received base64 encoded image.

  • wordnet-service: Integration with WordNet. Does scraping. I hope they’re fine with it since this is a small demo. Returns the dictionary definition of a word.

Both of these applications are Node apps.

Cloud app:

This is the backend that mobile application uses. Uses the MBaaS services described above. Gets the suggestions from vision-service for received base64 encoded image and generates a natural language sentence based on the score of the suggestions. wordnet-service is used to include a definition in that sentence.

This is also a Node application.

Mobile app:

This is an Ionic/Cordova app. Uses the cloud app described above.

  • User takes a picture
  • App sends it to backend and gets a sentence and suggestions
  • App displays the sentence and the suggestions
  • App speaks the sentence


It was pretty easy to do all these things. RHMAP didn’t make my day harder at all. It is a very good integration what they provide.

If you would like to give it a try, here is a link for you: http://red.ht/25fr7sx OR qrCode (only Android!)

Update: I removed all the cloud apps on RHMAP and Google Cloud.