Last 4 projects


A demo with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and Google Cloud Vision API. You take a photo and the mobile application tells you what it is.

Ramboli - a 2D MMO game

Ramboli is a 2D MMO game for browser, iOS and Android. It is currently in active development. I will share some insights about what it takes to build a game like that.

ion-affix : Sticky affix elements for Ionic framework

ion-affix is a lightweight Angular directive for Ionic framework to have sticky affix elements.

Turkish Arabic-script training data

I hand crafted some training data for NLP tasks on Turkish with Arabic-script. There has been almost nothing done in that area until now.

Older projects

Turkish Arabic Keyboard Layout

Turkish people were using an Arabic-script based alphabet until 1928. Government decided to migrate to a new latin-script based alphabet that time. I built a Windows keyboard layout which is for Arabic-script based alphabet.

Turkish Natural Language Toolkit

TRNLTK is a natural language processing library for Turkish.

Meeting room kiosk

I created a meeting room kiosk for use in Innflow. Project is hosted on Github.

Last 4 tech posts

Red Hat'e uzaktan çalışmak - SSS

Şöyle bir yazı yazdım ve güzel tepkiler aldım: Türkiye’den Red Hat’e uzaktan çalışmak ister misiniz?

Sorulan bazı tipik soruları burada toplamak istedim.

Türkiye'den Red Hat'e uzaktan çalışmak ister misiniz?

Türkiye’de yaşayan mühendis arkadaşlar,

Red Hat uzaktan çalışma imkanı sunuyor.

Joining Red Hat

August 1st 2016 will be my first day at Red Hat!

How to mess up Java

Yesterday I’ve seen another example of Oracle messing up Java and Java standards. This time, it was Tyrus.

Last 4 misc posts

Tahoe Zaman Ayarı

Bu sayfada da Chevrolet Tahoe zaman ayarından bahsedeceğim.

Tahoe Sigortalar

Bu sayfada da Chevrolet Tahoe zaman ayarından bahsedeceğim.

Tahoe Motor Sıcaklığı

Bu sayfada da Chevrolet Tahoe motor sıcaklığından bahsedeceğim.

Tahoe Frenler

Bu sayfada da Chevrolet Tahoe frenlerinden bahsedeceğim.