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Red Hat'e uzaktan çalışmak - SSS

Şöyle bir yazı yazdım ve güzel tepkiler aldım: Türkiye’den Red Hat’e uzaktan çalışmak ister misiniz?

Sorulan bazı tipik soruları burada toplamak istedim.

Türkiye'den Red Hat'e uzaktan çalışmak ister misiniz?

Türkiye’de yaşayan mühendis arkadaşlar,

Red Hat uzaktan çalışma imkanı sunuyor.

Joining Red Hat

August 1st 2016 will be my first day at Red Hat!

How to mess up Java

Yesterday I’ve seen another example of Oracle messing up Java and Java standards. This time, it was Tyrus.

How I note things down

I love Jekyll and Github pages. My blog is based on those two. I decided to use them to take notes as well. It is easy to write, accessible everywhere, safe and versioned.

Horror Story

Yesterday when I was trying to create a quality system for the upcoming release of our tool, Innbound, I accidentally messed up the data in production system!

Ignore Junit tests conditionally

In TRNLTK project I had several data files which I received with an academic license. Thus I cannot publish them to Github. In that case, some of the tests in the CI server,, fails because those files cannot be found. First I thought of adding @Ignore to the tests which use those files, but in my local environment I should better run those tests.

TRNLTK 1.0.0 is released

I finally made the decision to release a version on TRNLTK. It is Turkish Natural Language Toolkit.

Using your SSL certificate on Glassfish 3

This was kind of problematic for me and my colleagues, so after I manage to set our SSL certificate, I decided to share the story.

JavaOne 2010

Matthias Wessendorf and I had a session “What’s cool in Apache MyFaces?” in JavaOne 2010, San Francisco.

Google Summer of Code - Final

Google Summer of Code ends tomorrow and I tagged my work during the GSoC period.

Google Summer of Code

Accepted students for Google Summer of Code 2010 have been announced, and I am an accepted student too.