I love Jekyll and Github pages. My blog is based on those two. I decided to use them to take notes as well. It is easy to write, accessible everywhere, safe and versioned.

Before I was using Apple’s Notes application. That was good already: saving to cloud, searching, formatting, etc. However, I hate copy pasting things in that application. Formatting is aweful and you have to click around too many times to fix it. Other downsides are it is using a cloud service from Apple -which I don’t like the idea-; you cannot make your notes public; you cannot easily access them anywhere else.

But, with Jekyll and Github pages:

  • My notes are safe on Github
  • I can access my notes everywhere as it is just public and online
  • It is so easy to write something down with Markdown syntax (I use Kramdown btw)
  • My writings are versioned and I can check history any time I want
  • It is Git! Easy to maintain.
  • Prepare stuff while offline.

This is also much better than Evernote or something similar as I often note code fragments.

Downside is that one shouldn’t write private stuff there. Well, this is no problem for me as I have another mechanism for that.

My notes are available at http://personalnotes.aliok.com.tr .

Source is hosted on Github.